What’s With This Family? [2014]

What Happens to My Family [2014]
What Happens to My Family [2014]

What Happens to My Family, Gajokggiri Wae Yirae , What’s With This Family? , This Is Family , ¿Qué pasa con mi familia? , Gajokkkiri Wae Irae

Native Title:가족끼리 왜 이래
Release Aug 16, 2014
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Top CastsKim Hyun Joo, Yoo Dong Geun, Yoon Park
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=53{cc}

Each family has its issues however what happens when the patriarch in the family isn't content with the ways of behaving of his kids? Cha Bong Before long doesn't mean to simply pause for a moment and take terrible treatment from his three grown-up youngsters - Cha Kang Shim, Cha Posse Jae and Cha Dal Bong - and chooses to make a legitimate move against them. With such disarray happening in her family, Kang Shim makes some extreme memories zeroing in on her occupation as secretary to the leader of Daeoh Organization and continually in conflict with the president's child, Moon Tae Joo, the organization chief.

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