Age of the Rebellion [2018]

Heung Boo: The Revolutionist [2018]
Heung Boo: The Revolutionist [2018]

Heung Boo: The Revolutionist, Heungbu , Age of the Rebellion , Heung Boo , 흥부 글로 세상을 바꾼 자 , Heung Bu , Heung Bu Geullo Sesangeul Bakkun Ja , Heungbu: Keurro Sesangeul Baggun Ja , Heung-boo: The Revolutionist

Native Title:흥부
Release Feb 14, 2018
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Historical, Drama, Political
Top CastsKim Joo Hyuk, Jung Woo, Jung Jin Young, Jung Hae In
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=1h 45m {year}=2018{cc}

Yeon Heung Bu is a creator of famous books. He composes a novel to track down his lost more seasoned sibling. Heung Bu then, at that point, meets Jo Hyuk. Jo Hyuk is an aristocrat and deals with individuals. Heung Bu tracks down illumination from Jo Hyuk. In the mean time, Jo Hyuk's more established sibling is Jo Hang Ri. He is totally unique in relation to Jo Hyuk. He will effectively acquire power. Heung Bu chooses to compose a tale about the siblings Jo Hyuk and Jo Hang Ri. Heung Bu finishes the book "Heungbu and Nolbu", and the novel is a triumph. Its prominence before long spreads the whole way across Joseon. Jo Hang Ri exploits what is happening and plots to acquire outright power in Joseon.

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