A Very Lucky Day [2023]

A Bloody Lucky Day [2023]
A Bloody Lucky Day [2023]

A Bloody Lucky Day, Unlucky Day , A Very Lucky Day , Unsuojinnal , 운수오진날

Native Title:운수 오진 날
Release Nov 20, 2023
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Drama
Top CastsYoo Yeon Seok, Lee Sung Min, Lee Jung Eun
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=10{cc}

Goodness Taek functions as a cabbie. At some point, he had a fantasy where a great deal of pigs showed up. This kind of dream is remembered to achieve best of luck. On that very day, he brings in his standard measure of cash. At the point when he ponders tapping out, a man named Geum Hyuk Soo requests Gracious Taek to drive him to the port city from Mokpo. He offers 1,000,000 won (~$1,000) to drive him. Goodness Taek acknowledges the drive, however Gracious Taek doesn't know that Hyuk Soo killed a man, and he is wanting to hide away on a boat. In the interim, Hwang Soon Kyu is the mother of the one who was killed by Hyuk Soo. She pursues her child's executioner.

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