Scary Stories 2 [2013]

Horror Stories 2 [2013]
Horror Stories 2 [2013]

Horror Stories 2, Horror Stories 2 , Scary Stories 2 , 444 , Cliff , Accident , Escape , Jeolbyeok , Sago , Talchul , Mooseowon Iyagi 2 , Museoun Iyagi 2 , 死死死 , 절벽 , 사고 , 탈출 , Horror Stories II

Native Title:무서운 이야기 2
Release Jun 5, 2013
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Drama, Supernatural
Top CastsLee Se Young, Park Sung Woong, Sung Joon
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=1h 35m {year}=2013{cc}

The omnibus film will hold episodes revolved around the topic of 'life following death'. > Story 1: "444" (444(死死死)) [Director: Min Kyu Dong] Office Head Park and new representative Se Youthful stroll into the mysterious cellar extra space to take out old documents. Park knows Se Youthful has a freaky ability, which is to speak with the dead. Park orders Se Youthful to draw out privileged insights from cases that are associated with protection misrepresentation. At 4:44 AM, the point at which their accounts are going to end, a dull shadow is projected over them. > Story 2: "Bluff" (절벽) [Director: Kim Sung Ho] Dong Wook and Sung Kyun are stuck on a confounding precipice where they can't see the ground. They just have one treat. To live, one of them needs to kick the bucket. > Story 3: "Mishap" (사고) [Director: Kim Hwi] Ji Eun, Mi Ra, and Sun Joo bomb an instructor certificate assessment. To encourage themselves, they set out on an excursion. Because of a mishap, it before long transforms into a bad dream. > Story 4: "Getaway" (탈출) [Director: Jung Blast Shik] On his most memorable day as a learner instructor, Byung Shin is embarrassed by his understudies. He follows a weird story told by his understudy Tan Hee, who is moved by dark wizardry. He then becomes secured in the entry to Damnation.

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