Korean Ping Pong [2012]

As One [2012]
As One [2012]

As One, Korea , Korean Ping Pong

Native Title:코리아
Release May 3, 2012
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Drama, Sports
Top CastsBae Doo Na, Ha Ji Won, Han Ye Ri
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=2h 07m {year}=2012{cc}

The film retells the emotional story of the primary bound together Korean group that contended at the 1991 World Table Tennis Titles in China, Japan. South Korea's table tennis star Hyun Jung Hwa and North Korea's Li Bun Hee have each experienced lowering losses on account of China's imposing "Ping-Pong Witch" each time they arrive at the competition's last adjusts. Constrained by legislators to unexpectedly collaborate as the primary joined group Korea, Hyun and Li experience just struggle and doubt and face the deficiency of their title dreams. Yet, game-by-game, the two start to construct cooperation and track down a growing kinship. At the point when political breezes change once more and similarly as out of nowhere a declaration is made to disband group Korea, the two young ladies should demonstrate to their kin and the world that collaboration can eclipse the dim shadows of an excruciating history.

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