I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice [2020]

When the Weather Is Fine [2020]
When the Weather Is Fine [2020]

When the Weather Is Fine, If the Weather Is Good, I'll Find You , I'll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice , I'll Come by When the Weather's Good , Nalssiga Joheumyeon Chajagagesseoyo , I'll Visit You If the Weather Is Good , I'll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice , I'll Find You on a Beautif

Native Title:날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요
Release Feb 24, 2020
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama
Top CastsSeo Kang Joon, Park Min Young, Lee Jae Wook
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=16{cc}

In a serene countryside setting, amidst the tranquil charm of a quaint bookstore, unfolds a tale of forgiveness, healing, and love. Hae Won, an unassuming woman of integrity, finds solace in her lifelong passion for playing the cello. Yet, scarred by past emotional wounds inflicted during her social endeavors, she retreats into a shell of distrust, closing her heart off from the world. Exhausted by the hustle of city life, Hae Won seeks refuge in her hometown of Bookhyun Village, yearning for a fresh start. There, she crosses paths with Eun Seob, the proprietor of "Goodnight Bookstore," where the rhythm of life is measured by sips of coffee, pages turned in beloved books, and musings penned on his blog. As their lives intersect, Eun Seob's tranquil routine begins to shift, stirred by the arrival of Hae Won. In the gentle embrace of their blossoming connection, both find the courage to embark on a journey of healing and rediscovery.

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