Outbreak [2018]

Rampant [2018]
Rampant [2018]

Rampant, Rage , Changgwol , Outbreak

Native Title:창궐
Release Oct 25, 2018
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Action, Thriller, Historical, Horror
Top CastsJang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, Jo Woo Jin
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=2h 01m {year}=2018{cc}

Lee Chung, a Prince of Joseon, finds himself held captive in the Qing Dynasty. Known for his indulgence in drinking, womanizing, and gambling, he is also highly skilled with a sword. Upon his older brother Lee Young's ascension to the throne, Lee Chung is brought back to Joseon after more than a decade. However, upon his return, Lee Chung encounters terrifying monsters that roam the night.

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