My Amaze Boyfriand [2016]

My Amaze Boyfriand [2016]
My Amaze Boyfriand [2016]

My Amazing Boyfriend

Native Title:我的奇妙男友
Release Apr 25, 2016
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Top CastsJanice Wu, Kim Tae Hwan, Shen Meng Chen
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"You Who Came From The Stars". I believe it's a piece deluding. Maybe, it's more suitable to say this show has a place in a similar sort as YWCFTS. With the exception of the way that the female lead's an entertainer and the male lead's more than 500 years of age, there is practically no comparability story-wise to YWCFTS. As I would see it, it is a brilliant move by the chief and maker to introduce an altogether unique story consolidating Chinese humor, manhwa-like responses (and drawings), crazy undertones as well as adorable audio effects. The female lead is the greatest second lead entertainer in the business who spends her $$ to finance a well-digging project in Africa. Indeed, even this reality alone is bound with incongruity and Chinese parody! The male lead is a human who some way or another procured interminability subsequent to recuperating from a nibble that nearly removed his life a long time back. Close to a long time back, somebody depleted his blood and set him in a casket trying to kill him. The demonstration didn't kill him yet constrained him into a lethargic state until a mishap made him be resuscitated through the female lead's blood. With his memory of the most recent 20 years of his life from a long time back lost, he set off on a mission to recapture his memory and get payback. En route, he figured out how to squirm himself into the female have's home, existence and heart. This is an extremely engaging show and the utilization of satire, overstated looks and flippant sort humor helps me such a huge amount to remember the famous 'Go Princess Go' web-show that had surprised China and the world! The female lead in My Astonishing Sweetheart showed comparable qualities as the female lead in GPG - uproarious, bossy, self-absorbed, discourteous, entertaining, likes to revile, somewhat of an imbecile however can once in a while be incredibly cunning and tremendously shrewd. The male lead, additionally like the male lead in GPG - peaceful, quiet, chilly, keen, calculative and mature... a job that most likely fit first time entertainer Kim Tae Hwan as a job doesn't need a lot of looks. Acting/Cast: I think it is fair and to some degree clear to say that Wu Qian captured everyone's attention with her depiction of the agreeable person Tian Jing Zhi. She's the explosion of daylight - the nutrient promoter that brought this show into a superbly engaging level. Her partner, novice Kim Tae Hwan, but stunk of the dull blank face of a beginner and for this reality alone, I positioned the acting lower. He has far to go to figure out how to embrace a cold and calm person without seeming to be being 'woody'. I'll likewise prefer to fire the individual who dressed him in that lengthy dark coat style. It was unattractive and just underscored exactly the way that tall and agonizingly dainty he is. In truth, the person's a model by calling - still there are ways of dressing him up elegantly. His hairdo was likewise unattractive and was entirely diverting to me (it helped me to remember a coconut on the head!). The remainder of the cast did all around well. Unique notice goes to Fu Jia who acted the job of Tian Jing Zhi's cop ex. There's a splendid future for this fellow and I really do trust the sometime later, I'll see him going about as the male lead! Music: The opening OST (Not Hallowed by) isn't my favorite and from the odd elocution, I get it to be sung by an outsider or possibly somebody who's local language isn't Mandarin? I love the miserable and slow completion OST however (Sitting tight For You). Rewatch esteem: Very great re-watch esteem as there are numerous adorable, interesting and heartfelt scenes you should return to over and over. Generally: Great amusement esteem. On the off chance that you are searching for something light that makes you chuckle and cry yet has a story to tell the way "Go Princess Go" did, this is the show to go to. The closure is....interesting and without parting with anything... it seems as though we can expect a Season 2 or if nothing else 1 or 2 exceptional episodes after the show closes???

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