Kajino Sijeun 1 [2022]

King of Savvy 1 [2022]
King of Savvy 1 [2022]

Big Bet, Big Bet 1 , King of Savvy 1 , Casino 1 , Kajino 1 , Kajino Sijeun 1 , 카지노1 , Big Bet Season 1

Native Title:카지노 시즌1
Release Dec 21, 2022
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Top CastsSon Suk Ku, Choi Min Shik, Lee Dong Hwi
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=08{cc}

Cha Mu Sik, owner of a casino bar, is forced to flee to the Philippines when the National Tax Service cracks down on his operations. There, he expands his enterprise into a full-fledged casino business, aiming to gain influence within the political and business circles of the Philippines. However, his plans are disrupted when he becomes the prime suspect in the death of Min Seok Joon. Oh Seung Hoon from the Korean Desk is tasked with tracking him down. Amidst the lure of money, betrayal runs rampant. As tensions rise, the question remains: who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes game of survival?

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