Itaewon Keullasseu [2020]

Itaewon Keullasseu [2020]
Itaewon Keullasseu [2020]

Itaewon Class, Itaewon Keullasseu

Native Title:이태원 클라쓰
Release Jan 31, 2020
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Business, Romance, Life, Drama
Top CastsKim Da Mi, Kwon Na Ra, Park Seo Joon
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=16{cc}

On the primary day of going to his new secondary school, Park Sae Ro Yi punches his cohort Jang Geun Won, who was harassing another colleague. The domineering jerk is the child of Chief Jang Dae Hee. The domineering jerk's dad runs eatery business Jagga where Park Sae Ro Yi's own dad works. Chief Jang Dae Hee requests to Stop Sae Ro Yi that he is sorry to his child, yet Park Sae Ro Yi rejects. In light of his refusal, Park Sae Ro Yi gets ousted from school and his dad lands terminated from his position. Before long, a mishap happens. Park Sae Ro Yi's dad passes on in a bike mishap brought about by his ex-colleague Jang Geun Won. Getting extremely frustrated, Park Sae Ro Yi violently beats Jang Geun Won. He is before long captured and gets jail time for rough attack. Park Sae Ro Yi chooses to obliterate the Jagga organization and get payback upon Chief Jang Dae Hee and his child Jang Geun Won. When Park Sae Ro Yi is let out of jail, he opens a café in Itaewon, Seoul. Jo Yi Website design enhancement, who is famous via web-based entertainment, joins Park Sae Ro Yi's café and works there as a supervisor. She cares deeply about Park Sae Ro Yi. ~~ Adjusted from the famous Daum webtoon of a similar name.

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