Forocasting Love and Wether [2022]

Forocasting Love and Wether [2022]
Forocasting Love and Wether [2022]

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Native Title:기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편
Release Feb 12, 2022
Quality HD
Edit By Hoora Drama
Genre: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Top CastsPark Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=16{cc}

Experience the sizzling dynamics of love and work within the National Weather Service, where passion ignites hotter than tropical nights and relationships are as unpredictable as localized heavy rains. Meet Jin Ha Kyung, a meticulous and brilliant individual who strictly separates her personal and professional spheres, earning her the label of an "outsider by choice" due to her aloof demeanor. Opposite her stands Lee Shi Woo, a free-spirited genius with an unconventional approach to life. Despite his apparent clumsiness, his IQ of 150 allows him to conquer any challenge he faces, though his sole obsession remains the weather. Enter Han Ki Joon, a charming and quick-witted charmer whose silver tongue earns him a place in the spokesperson's office after overcoming initial setbacks. Despite his success, he struggles with the unfamiliar taste of failure after a lifetime of academic excellence. Completing the ensemble is Chae Yoo Jin, a weather reporter initially disappointed by her assignment to the "weather and lifestyle team." However, as she immerses herself in her role, she discovers unexpected joys and fulfillment in her work.

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